Questions you must ask before buying a leather product

No matter whichever trend arrives the love for Leather remains constant. Perhaps it is seriously difficult to match the class of Leather Wallets. But what if you are thinking to buy any leather stuff for the very first time. We understand that it becomes truly complicated to make the right choice of perfect Leather based […]

How to Select an Ideal Leather Wallet for Men

What is the very first name stricks your mind when it comes to picking up a gift for your men? Let us make a guess. It must be a “Wallet”. As a wallet is the only thing which fulfills the demands of utmost uses for males. There exist a fact that every man prefers to […]

How to take care of your leather stuff ?

Leather products never fail in attaining the notice of all. Despite the fact that it shows off a terrific standard it is also one of the best accessories to take along with you. Be it leather backpacks, Leather wallets, Leather clutch, Leather phone covers, Leather sling bags or so on. These items deserve incredible love […]

Top 7 Tips for Buying 100% Original Leather Goods

No one can deny the fact that holding any leather accessory is becoming all new fashion statement. As we all know that leather products reflect an absolute class. But nowadays it is turning to be a big challenge to pick a right leather product. We would like to help you out in this.  If you […]

All you need to know about types of Leather

Planning to buy a leather product? Does the mark ‘Genuine Leather‘  on your leather item, influence your purchase & makes you trust the item’s quality ? If yes, you might have fallen for the trap. There are a few more plots to the story. Leather also has many types and each type is associated with […]

MINNIE & JONES – A Class apart in the Leather goods Industry

The wheel of time has turned seven-thousand years since leather was first made. The great epic Iliad, by Homer, has notable mentions of leather being worn by both, the Trojans and the Greeks to the battlefield, which in itself say volumes about the fortitude and splendor of the material that was procured from animal hides. […]