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Everybody is very different, most of us are engineers, we were born in different towns, we love different
music, clothing and movies in different times. But we have something that brings all of us together. And
It is our business. This is Not just a team, it’s a family.

Handcrafted. Sustainable. Quality.  Better choice.

We have outside the box the ability to think. We make choices, create new things and generate many ideas, only for you.We make our own design, we craft ourselves, which makes us happy to deliver end – to – end style without compromising quality and originality.

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Genuine Full Grain Leather 

MINNIE & JONES is a one- stop shop for those seeking genuine, affordable leather products. Being a firm believer in quality and affordability, we aim to provide shoppers all across the country with a free and enjoyable shopping experience that is 100 percent genuine and certified high-quality leather products. We make conscious efforts to bring quality to our customers without compromising on the trend quotients.

Our vision

Production - Made in INDIA

The manufacturing Unit of MINNIE & JONES is based in Kolkata, the city of Joy, India, which is also known as the world’s best leather-bags and wallets manufacturing City. We select only the best when it comes to picking materials for our products.

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Our value proposition is all about giving the best available to our consumers. Not only are our products pure leather, they also offer the highest quality. At our end, we ensure that we provide you with the best of style and preserve the naturalness of the leather that we use to produce our products.

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